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IFA outraged by pig price drop

Rural Development
IFA National Pigs Committee Chairman, Pat O’Flaherty said IFA is completely outraged at processors’ decision to drop pig prices today.

He said, “Prices now being paid to farmers are simply not sustainable and this price drop will be the final straw for many. At an average price of €1.34/kg and production costs at €1.58/kg, how can farmers be expected to survive and produce pigmeat?”

O’Flaherty said that other players in the industry need to be held accountable for this current crisis, including the millers, “Those in the pig feed industry are well aware of the current difficulties being experienced by Irish pig farmers. Without a reduction in input costs, the situation will only deteriorate further, threatening jobs both on the farm and in the wider industry. All players in the industry must achieve a fair margin if the sector is to survive. IFA is demanding millers reduce prices of compound feed rations in line with reduction in raw material costs with immediate effect.”

The Pigs Chairman said he and other pig farmers are deeply frustrated that the crisis in the pig sector has been largely overlooked by politicians from all parties. Politicians have failed to adequately deal with labelling issues in the sector and with issues surrounding slaughtering capacity. The next government must support a sector that provides 8,000 jobs in the country and generates over €570m in exports.