Roscommon Lamb Festival Ewe and Lamb Statue

Watch the creation of the Roscommon Lamb Festival Ewe and Lamb sculpture

Roscommon Lamb Festival Ewe and Lamb Statue

Stone sculptor Mark Feeley, has completed many unique commissions over the years but being asked by the Roscommon Lamb Festival Committee to sculpt a life-size Ewe and Lamb from a four and a half tonne block of Roscommon limestone is by far one of the most unusual requests he’s ever had.

This film is an intimate portrayal of Mark and his passion for his work as well as a record of the progress on this project. Filmmaker Mike Hourigan, captures the essence of the Craftsman bringing this block of stone to life as limestone chips fly and the dust settles. Further details about Mark and his work are at here

As mentioned above the sculpture was commissioned by Roscommon Lamb Festival to mark their 10th Anniversary. The Festival is well under way and concludes on Monday and you can see some of the highlights here. Donations towards the cost of producing the Sculpture have been made from all around the world with one anonymous donor contributing €1,000. If you would like to make a donation, no matter how small, you can do so here.

This clip was filmed, directed and edited by Mike Hourigan and produced by Martina Larkin. Find out more about their work at