Ballyforan NS

Ballyforan NS pupils take to the Stage

Ballyforan NS

The children of Ballyforan NS are performing two Plays in Ballyforan Hall on Tuesday next, December 20th.

“The Amazing Adventures of Superstan” and “A Nurse’s Crisis” will have something for all the family.

“The Amazing Adventures of Superstan” features Stanley Marvel, who may be the clumsiest clot in Megaville, but he’s happy to read his comics and dream his life away.

That is until it’s turned upside-down when he discovers that local hero, The Candy King, is actually a Super-Villain determined to conquer the world with his corrupt confectionery! As the sugary charlatan and his mad minions enslave the citizens with hypnotic gobstoppers and a giant remote control, Stan knows Megaville is in need of a Superhero. But when his crazy Gran and her crumbly chums reveal an earth-shattering secret, Stan’s shocked to discover his own true identity!

With a dose of secret formula and a pair of fantastic elastic anti-gravity underpants, Stanley Marvel takes to the skies as the greatest Superhero the world has ever known. Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s Superstan – a caped crusader fighting for truth, freedom and justice with his super powers, super tights and the strength to open a really tricky jar of pickles!

Can Superstan crush The Candy King and save the planet? Find out in this funtastic adventure as our hapless Superhero flies by the seat of his pants, faster than a speeding paper aeroplane, and learns that with great power comes great hilarity!

This marvellous musical packs a powerful punch with its witty script, crazy characters and spectacular songs, giving your cast and audience an unforgettable show that’s quite simply… SUPER!

“A Nurse’s Crisis” is a modern nativity play.

It features a very busy nurse who never misses an important birth is extremely excited when she hears that a King is about to be born in Bethlehem. She rushes out into the night trying to find a shiny golden palace fit for a king. Her donkey Steve has never heard of Bethlehem Palace, but this nurse knows it’s always in a palace a king is born. On reaching Bethlehem, the townspeople, shepherds and kings that the nurse meets have not heard of Bethlehem Palace either, so she starts to panic.
However, with the help of some gospel-singing angels and a bright star, the nurse is led to a humble stable to find the very special baby called Jesus already waiting for her. With simple story line, and catchy songs, this nativity play will definitely capture the magic and wonder of this special time of year.

Curtains open in Ballyforan Hall at 8pm and Tickets are available on the Door.