Roscommon Arts Centre

Seamus O’Rourke returns to Roscommon Arts Centre

Roscommon Arts Centre

Actor Seamus O’Rourke has delighted Roscommon audiences over the last few years with stellar performances in various productions and this Friday October 7th, he returns to Roscommon Arts Centre with Cavan writer John McManus’s latest production DANGER MONEY – a beautiful ‘close-up’ of rural Irish life.

Often described as being of the same ilk, John the writer and Seamus the actor hope to bring a story full of heartache and humour to the stage.

DANGER MONEY brings us into the world of Teddy ‘the Mucker’ Tucker. London was only ever meant to be a stepping stone for ‘the Mucker’ Tucker but somehow he stayed there for over thirty years until one day he abruptly abandoned his friends and his job and returned home to North Leitrim. He now finds himself in the bog wondering: Should snakes receive the Free Travel Pass? Are birds the souls of people that have passed on? What is that clown in number six smoking? Do we know what we don’t know? Why is he’s bagging turf when he doesn’t even have a fireplace…

Seamus O’Rourke continues his crusade of bringing rural Irish stories and characters to the audiences of Ireland. His short stories and monologues are watched all over the world on social media and his plays, ‘dig’, ‘DOWN’, ‘The Trappe Family’, ‘Ride On’, ‘STALE MATE’ and ‘Victor’s Dung’ have given audiences a mixture of fun and sadness over the years, but it is his One-Man shows, ‘The Sand Park’, ‘Padraig Potts’ Guide to Walking’ and INDIGESTION that have brought him to new heights in the theatre world and it’s with great relish that he takes on the role of Teddy ‘the Mucker’ Tucker as he comes to terms with his lot.

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