roscommon house prices

Roscommon House prices rise slightly

roscommon house prices

The rise in Roscommon House prices has continued with the average asking price now standing at €123,798 – that’s up 1.9% over the last three months.

The good news for anyone wishing to buy is that Roscommon House Prices remain among the lowest in the country, according to today’s report from In percentage terms that price of Houses for sale in Roscommon has risen by 12.2% since September 2015, which is well above the national average of 7.6%.

A breakdown of the figures in the report shows that:

– The average asking price of a 1 Bedroom Apartment is €40,000 (Up €1,000 since June and up 5% since this time last year.)

– For a 2 Bed Terrace Houses the asking price is €50,000 (Up €3,000 since June. Overall that’s an increase of 23.5% since this time last year.)

– A 3 Bed Semi-Detached House in Roscommon has a average asking price of €74,000 (Up €4,000 since June. Overall that’s an increase of 19.4% since this time last year.)

– while the average price of a 4 Bedroom Bungalow is €144,000 (Same as the last quarter but an increase of 8.8% since this time last year.)

– and the asking price for a 5 Bedroom deteached is, on average, €163,000 (Up €4,000 since June. Overall that’s an increase of 3.1% since this time last year.)

The continued rate of price increase in Roscommon now means that three counties have lower house prices.
Longford is the least expensive, with an average asking price of €106,178. Leitrim is the second least expensive, at €119,938, closely followed by Sligo which has an average price of €122,001.Among the other interesting points in the report were that

Over half of all properties sell within four months

Just under half (48%) of all properties in the Connacht-Ulster Region find a buyer within four months

Prices further above asking

The average transaction price in Connacht-Ulster is now 3.7% above the original list price, compared to 0.7% above the list price this time last year.

Supply is levelling off

There were just 6,750 properties for sale in Connacht-Ulster in September 2016. This was in line with the average since the start of the year.

Leitrim and Cavan increases

Asking Prices of houses in all the counties in the Connacht-Ulster Region continue to rise year on year, the largest percentage increases are in Leitrim (10.4%) and Cavan (13.5%).