greenway ICSA Farming Flooding Slurry Spreading

ICSA calls for Slurry Spreading deadline to be extended

greenway ICSA Farming Flooding Slurry Spreading

ICSA rural development chairman Seamus Sherlock has called for the October 15 deadline for slurry spreading to be extended due to the volume of waterlogged farmlands around the country.

“ICSA has recently visited several farmers who are struggling with lands which have been impacted by recent heavy rainfalls. This has severely limited their ability to do the required spreading”, he said.

“ICSA is calling for allowances to be made in cases where farmers have not had adequate time to spread slurry given the poor conditions. It is only reasonable that these farmers should be allowed to do whatever is necessary, within reason, to ensure they get adequate amounts of slurry spread. We do not want a situation whereby farmers have to deal with added setbacks for the sake of an extra few weeks.”

Concluding, Mr Sherlock said “I would urge Minister Creed to take a reasoned approach to this issue and accommodate those farmers trying to cope with the most dire conditions.”