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Free Course Places Available For Jobseekers At IT Sligo

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Jobseekers have the opportunity to avail of a free college place in Science, Technology and Engineering-related courses at IT Sligo, thanks to the new Springboard+ 2016 programme.

Springboard aims to help participants upskill to restart their career and get back to work. It is a Government-funded initiative which provides free, part-time, accredited training programmes for those who are currently seeking work.

180 free, part-time and intensive conversion courses in higher education from certificate, to degree, to post-graduate level are available nationally under the 2016 scheme.. All courses lead to qualifications in enterprise sectors which are growing and need skilled personnel.

IT Sligo’s springboard courses have been tailored to meet key growth areas such as Biopharmaceutical Science, Information Technology, Lean Sigma, Quality and Polymer Technologies.

“These courses are free, part-time, on line and completed within one year while students continue to receive their social welfare payments. The courses are accredited programmes for those who are currently unemployed and confer Certificates on graduation from levels 6 through to Post Graduate level 9” explained Jean Gilligan, IT Sligo’s Springboard Co-ordinator.

The Springboard courses at IT Sligo are:

Level 6 Cert. in Biopharmaceutical Processing.
Level 6 Cert. in Cleanroom Manufacturing.
Level 6 Cert. in Process Technology.
Level 6 Cert. in Validation Technologies.
Level 7 Cert. in Polymer Technology.
Level 7 Cert. Lean Sigma Quality.
Level 7 Cert. in Biopharmaceutical Processing.
Level 8 Higher Diploma in Science in Computing (1 / 2 Year Options).
Level 8 Cert. in Bioprocess Technologies.
Level 9 Cert. in Quality Analytics for Biopharma.
Find out more about the courses here.
Most courses are delivered online and are part-time, enabling eligible participants to keep their social protection supports. They are designed for students who want to study part-time at a pace that matches their work life balance.

IT Sligo uses a combination of online delivery technologies comprising the webcasting of live lectures over the internet as well as access to high quality recordings.

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For queries about IT Sligo Springboard courses, please email [email protected].