Michael Fitzmaurice

Michael Fitzmaurice slams Department for TAMS delays

Michael Fitzmaurice
Michael Fitzmaurice TD has criticised the Department of Agriculture for the delay in issuing TAMS approvals to Farmers wishing to commence developments.

Deputy Fitzmaurice said “It is totally unacceptable that The Department of Agriculture are dragging their heels sending out approvals for farmers that want to dig slatted tanks and build sheds etc under TAMS. Every week we are hearing the stories of computer systems crashing. If it is a problem then they should give approvals manually until the systems are up and running again. There has been ample time over the winter to sort these problems and farmers need to start now as weather conditions are good and the farmers, especially those on marginal land need to start work immediately. The Department needs to give the go ahead for these projects straight away as sheds will not be finished in time for putting cattle in next winter if action is not taken immediately.

The Independent TD went on to say that “The Minister needs to make a call straight away and get this work to commence and I will be making this known to him today the urgency of the situation as time is running out. Leadership is what’s needed now not ‘foostering’ around delaying time from one week to the other as has been the case up to now. Remember too that this will also create employment.

Michael Fitzmaurice concluded by calling on Minister Creed to “step up to the mark on this issue and make the call or more farmers will see uncertain times ahead for them.”