population of Roscommon

Census night has arrived

population of Roscommon

Tonight, Sunday April 24th is Census night, which aims to collect a detailed account of everybody who is in the country and everybody is legally required to enter their details on a census form.

The census gives a comprehensive picture of the social and living conditions of our people in 2016. The census is not, however, an end in itself and the results provide invaluable information on not only population size for the country as a whole, but also about the make-up of the population of towns, villages, and other small areas across the country.
As well as collecting information on the age and sex of the population, a range of different questions relating to households and individuals are also asked such as where and what people work at, how people travel to work, school and college, languages spoken, disabilities, families, housing and lots more.
Overall, they are essential tools for effective policy, planning and decision making purposes.

Ireland has been conducting Censuses of Population since 1821. This enables us to track developments over a long period with considerable accuracy. The census is therefore a fundamental part of our national heritage and collective knowledge. In fact, you can search for your ancestors and other details of the 1911 and 1901 Census here

It should take an average household less than 30 minutes to complete their form and if you have any queries visit the Census Website