michael fitzmaurice

Anne Farrell blasts Government for modular housing catastrophe

michael fitzmaurice

Roscommon’s Renua Ireland Anne Farrell has re-iterated that the Government’s modular housing plans are missing the point and like “putting a sticky plaster on a gaping wound” – a point previously made prior to the election.

In a statement she said “This may have been a legacy issue, but the housing crisis had worsened dramatically on Fine Gael and Labour’s watch and nothing tangible was done in their term of office to prevent the rising tide of homelessness in Ireland, in spite of governments knowledge of this growing problem.”

She added that short term fixes like modular housing were not the answer, but another show of poorly thought out reactions. “As we knew would happen, the cost of these houses, not to mention the complete change in appearance and delivery time, has sky rocketed (just like with Irish Water) but no one could have thought the cost would more than double. And who will be held to account for this débâcle? Where is Alan Kelly’s arrogance and bullish attitude now?”

“We need to have a pro-active government, not one that only reacts to crisis after crisis and reacts in a knee jerk, inept manner, totally disregarding any advice they are given to the contrary. The problem is, they are not the ones who suffer from their own bad decisions!. It is now time to change how we allow our governments govern.”