Changes to Red Cross Scheme welcomed

“Changes in the Red Cross Scheme with regard to flood relief are very welcome and it is good news for some small businesses who were told that they didn’t qualify for aid. But after the intervention of myself and others they are now eligible for relief”

So says Roscommon Galway Independent candidate Michael Fitzmaurice.

“When the scheme started businesses had to show that they were rateable but there are some people in business who are rates exempt, for instance people who have show jumping and equine arenas and others types of businesses. At long last the Minister and The Taoiseach have seen the way forward on this issue. They met the insurance companies in the wake of the flooding crisis and the Government now needs to put in place a system that small businesses affected and where flooding prevention measures are in place that the insurance companies give insurance to these people. I was talking to people in Tipperary only this week where there were flood prevention measures in place yet they cannot get insurance. This situation cannot continue. This will be a major issue for the new Government and the insurance companies will have to be called to order on this issue” he concluded.