Maura Hopkins

Senator Maura Hopkins confirms support for Leo Varadkar in FG race

Maura Hopkins

Senator Maura Hopkins has confirmed her support for Leo Varadkar in the race to succeed Enda Kenny as leader of Fine Gael and Taoiseach of the country.

In a statement released last night Maura Hopkins said “I know him (Varadkar) to be a very hard working; focused, honest individual who I believe is the best person for the role. The decision has been particularly difficult given that I know both Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney to be exceptionally talented individuals with huge ability.”

Senator Hopkins went on to say “I have always had a very strong working relationship with Leo Varadkar since first being elected a councillor. Both of us having worked as healthcare professionals and now advocating for improved healthcare services has meant that we have a strong, common interest. Across all of the departments he has served in, I have known Minister Varadkar to be accessible and interested in working with us on the issues which affect our constituency.”

“My role as a Senator based in Roscommon/Galway is to have a strong connection with the future leader to ensure that the needs of our constituency are deeply understood. Leo has visited our constituency not only in recent weeks but has been proactive in coming to the constituency on numerous occasions during his terms both in Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport and the Department of Health” she added.

“I know Leo to be enthusiastic, compassionate and constructive with a strong positive vision for Ireland. Given the current government arrangement, the job of Taoiseach will require strong, calm and clear leadership. This is necessary in order to find consensus, ensure stability and implement the Programme for Partnership Government for the benefit of people” she concluded.