Sinead Gannon

Local Runner Sinead Gannon shortlisted for National Prize

Sinead Gannon

Personal trainer and Roscommon Harriers coach Sinead Gannon has been named as one of five “Idols” in with a chance of winning a trip to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon & half Marathon.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is held in 27 locations throughout the world and features live bands performing along the course. As part of the Series participants with inspirational stories, known as “Idols” have a chance of winning a trip to another location. Sinead Gannon’s story has made the shortlist.

20 years ago, Sinead Gannon was termed a very talented juvenile distance runner. Her career was only starting, getting faster and stronger each year, until a terrible day when her hamstrings snapped in a provincial race. That was it – Sinead thought she would never run again and gave up on her dreams.

Fear set in and Sinead was afraid to run again. After being sidelined for 12 years with injury and fear, Sinead decided not to give up on something she loved and bravely laced up her runners and hit the road again. She started running on her own, quickly joined by 3 others and now has 130 people running in Roscommon town. In her own words. “We were talk of the town”. Her journey is full of courage, strength and determination.

After overcoming a personal journey from being a top runner to a beginner and now a coach/motivator, Sinead now runs for others. “I run to motivate people into doing Half Marathons and Full Marathons. I run because I know it betters me as a person in every way. I get so much from seeing others succeed.” she added. Last year, along with three fellow members of Roscommon Harriers, she ran the Dublin City Marathon and the New York City Marathon in aid of Croí.

The winner of the trip to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon & half Marathon is based on a Public Vote and you can vote for Sinead here.