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Michael Fitzmaurice TD calls for all local politicians to work together on Boundary Issue

Michael Fitzmaurice Knowledge Transfer Scheme Roscommon Mental Health Services Norwegian Air Fair Deal Scheme

“All politicians in County Roscommon need to work together on the bill concerning the county boundary issue”. That’s the view of local Independent TD Michael Fitzmaurice.

Commenting on the issue Michael Fitzmaurice said “This week I am urging all Oireachtas members in county Roscommon, Senators and TDs, to support the Bill that is being proposed regarding the boundary changes. I have also spoken to people in the Kilkenny/Waterford area where there is a similar issue, and I have asked politicians from that area to support this bill as well. The more support that we can get for this the better because the issue must be dealt with once and for all” he added.

“People should remember that no opposition bill has been passed in the first year of this Government, and remember also that if the Government fell within a year or so then all pending legislation will also fall by the wayside. I would also ask our Minister in the county, TD’s and Senators, regardless of party allegiance, to work together on this because this is a matter that rises above any politics. Sadly that doesn’t seem to register with Fianna Fail because when we met with the ‘Save Roscommon’ group, who have done a huge amount of work on this issue, it was agreed at a meeting in the Abbey Hotel that all politicians would co-sign a bill together” he said.

Michael Fitzmaurice went on to say “I am not blaming our local Fianna Fáil TD Eugene Murphy but it is sad to see that Fianna Fáil seemingly are not into any new style politics where all sides would have co-signed this bill. This does not take from the positive side of this bill being brought forward and we need to gather as much support for it as is possible. I am working hard in the Dáil explaining to people the predicament that Roscommon is in. Once again the big problem is that this bill will need to be pushed hard and once again I would be fearful that the bill will fail if the Dáil is gone. It is very important that everyone from Roscommon who is in the political area pushes this as hard as they can” he concluded.