Sliabh Bawn Wind Farm

Cllr Orla Leyden calls for independent noise assessment at Sliabh Bawn Wind Farm

Sliabh Bawn Wind Farm

Councillor Orla Leyden has called for an independent noise assessment to be carried out in the area surrounding the Sliabh Bawn Wind Farm after some families reported sleep disturbance.

Commenting after attending a meeting of local residents last night (Monday March 6th) Councillor Orla Leyden said she was “really concerned to hear that 19 families from the Sliabh Ban area that attended (the meeting) have reported sleep disturbance due to the noise emissions from the Industrial Wind farm beside their homes.”

“It is critical that an independent noise assessment of emissions is carried out, independent from Coillte. It is extremely worrying that there is already this level of negative impact on the health of residents and the Industrial Wind Farm has not yet been fully commissioned (according to Coillte). While Coillte has advised residents to contact them individually to report any issues, it is important that the community also continue to rally together to effect change. I will continue to work with the community in Sliabh Bawn and the Sliabh Bawn Wind Farm Action Group.” added Councillor Leyden.

“The Minister for Communications, Climate Change and Natural Resources, Denis Naughten T.D. needs to bring in the new Wind Energy Guidelines “as a matter of urgency” adding that they aree now three years overdue. “There is no need for further consultation – there is need for action to ensure that Wind Turbines are set back 1,500 metres to 2,000 metres from residential dwellings depending on the height of the turbine, (i.e. a distance 10 times the height of the turbine), as well as new guidelines on noise emissions, and on light and shadow flicker from the rotating blades.”

Councillor Leyden concluded by saying “Minister Naughten’s lack of action is impacting on the lives of real communities.”