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Eugene Murphy TD backs Bill for National Famine Commemoration Day

Eugene Murphy Orkambi Home Care package Home Carer Tax Credit

Fianna Fáil TD Eugene Murphy has urged people throughout the country to pay a visit to the National Famine Museum in Strokestown to learn more about our forgotten and heart-breaking history.

Eugene Murphy made the comments during a recent Dáil debate on the National Famine Commemoration Day Bill which seeks to create an annual memorial day for the commemoration of the Great Famine on the second Sunday of May every year.
“Fianna Fáil fully supports this Bill- This is an important recognition of the Great Famine, which was one of Ireland’s greatest tragedies. It is vital that we, as a nation, support spaces and times to honour the memory of the Great Famine, to commemorate those who lost their lives to this devastating event, and to reflect on its cultural significance for our nation,” said Deputy Murphy.

The Fianna Fáil TD noted that the Famine was often a forgotten part of our collective history and it was important to remember that over 3 million people were lost through emigration, death and starvation. He commended Jim Callery and the Callery family for their development of Strokestown Park House and the National Famine Museum which attracts some 60,000 people per year to the Strokestown area. Deputy Murphy also praised the local project involving the Missing 1490 Strokestown tenants which aims to trace the missing 1,490 people who left the area during the Famine bound for Canada.

Deputy Murphy said that the National Famine event which took place in Strokestown in 2014 was an extraordinary event and he noted that the National Famine Conference/Summer School which takes place in May/June of each year has been a tremendous success and attracts leading academics and students from all over the world who want to learn more about the Great Irish Famine.

“The Irish Famine can sometimes be a forgotten part of our history and I think it is vital that we have a National Famine Commemoration Day- I would also urge as many people, families, schools and students to visit the National Famine Museum in Strokestown as it is truly a remarkable place where you can learn more about this extraordinary part of our history- we should never forgot the pain and suffering of our ancestors and it is only right and proper that we have a National Day to remember this painful part of our history,” concluded Deputy Murphy.