IT Sligo Sport with Business

IT Sligo introduces new Sport with Business Degree

IT Sligo Sport with Business

Students who want to combine their passion for sport with sound business acumen and leadership skills now have a learning opportunity to realise both ambitions, thanks to a new honours degree course at IT Sligo.

The Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Sport with Business is a new three-year programme which is now available on the 2017 CAO application system (Course code: SG147).

The course is a fusion of business-related disciplines with those of sport and physical activities.

“If you love sport and want to bring this passion to the business side of the industry,” this is the course for you,” says Shirley McKenna, Programme Chair of the New BB (Hons) in Sport with Business at IT Sligo.

“This degree connects sport and business in a mutually beneficial manner. The student’s learning will focus on key areas, helping them to learn about the increasing professionalism of sport and how the changing needs of the consumer have transformed the business of sport into one of the most lucrative and fastest growing industries.”

The new course aims to equip the student with the knowledge and professional skills and competencies required to work within the sports/fitness/leisure environment. They will gain an understanding of the social and cultural factors which influence sport, while the business subjects will provide the necessary knowledge and skills in management, finance and computing to administer and manage in a commercial setting.

Fostering a culture of entrepreneurship will also be a core element of the new programme, according to Ann Higgins, Head of Department in Marketing, Tourism and Sport at IT Sligo.

“Sport and physical activity is big business,” she says. “This course is a natural evolution from IT Sligo’s Recreation And Leisure degree which has been hugely popular over the last decade.” We aim to provide a course to help students harness their passion of sport and the power of business.”

The new Sport With Business degree programme also includes a 12-week work placement in year two.

“Historically, a third of our graduates in this area have become entrepreneurs/self-starters. We want to continue to nurture that start-up culture, but the programme will also prepares you for a wide range of career opportunities ranging from sports development, health promotion, marketing, management to teaching, coaching as well as, of course, setting up your own business.

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