Domnick Connolly

Cllr Domnick Connolly encourages Motorists to check lights

Domnick Connolly

“Motorists should use their full lights rather than parking lights, during foggy weather and they should have their lights checked on a regular basis too”.

That’s the view of Independent Councillor Domnick Connolly who says that there are many cars on the road with defective lighting and that drivers should use more lighting in foggy weather.

“We have had a lot of foggy weather recently and I have noticed that many drivers only use their parking lights during heavy fog and on many occasions it is very hard to see those vehicles, even during the day. I would urge motorists to use their full dimmed headlights during heavy fog” he said.

“I would also appeal to motorists to make sure that all the lights on their vehicle are working. There are a lot of cars on the road with only one headlight not working and it is very dangerous. A lot of garages carry out these checks for free so there is no excuse for motorists to be driving around with defective lighting” he concluded.