Roscommon Arts Centre

Funding boost for Roscommon Arts Centre

Roscommon Arts Centre

The Arts Council has announced that they have allocated €68,000 in funding to Roscommon Arts Centre for 2017.

Picture Credit: Brian Farrell for Roscommon Arts Centre
The agency said its grant from government for next year would be €65.1 million, representing an increase of €5 million, or 8.3 percent, on the 2016 amount.

The Arts Council’s strategy, “Making Great Art Work”, sets out a plan to lead the arts in Ireland over the next decade and prioritises the artist and public engagement. Next year marks the beginning of the first ‘three-year plan’ within the strategy, and in its annual investment statement, the Arts Council said the increase in its grant from Government would enable it to deliver on a number of strategic priorities, while at the same enhancing its investment relationships with a number of key organisations and partners.

Arts Council Director Orlaith McBride said: “In our investment approach, we have focused in particular on broadening the reach of the arts in Ireland. We will work with a range of partners, in local, community, educational, youth and other settings, to ensure that people experience the best of the arts over the next 12 months.”