WIN an early Christmas Day celebration, thanks to Aviva Home Insurance!


New research by Aviva Home Insurance shows that almost Two thirds (65%) of families in Connacht will be missing family members on Christmas Day this year. With that in mind they are offering people the chance to win a surprise early Christmas Day, complete with all the trimmings in your home!

Picture Credit: Mark Maxwell

These are among the findings of research carried out by REDC for Aviva Home Insurance. The research also found that for the majority of respondents (81%) from Connacht, spending time with family is the most important thing for them about Christmas. While, one in 10 respondents will be missing a close family member at home this Christmas because they have to work. While, almost half (48%) of people in Connacht will be missing someone from their home this Christmas due to emigration.

Irish rugby player and Garda, Niamh Briggs, is one of those who will be spending this Christmas away from home as she will be working for the third year out of the past six. Aviva has teamed up with Niamh to call on the people of Ireland to nominate family members or loved ones who will be missing Christmas at home this year.

Speaking from the launch of the Aviva Home Insurance Campaign, Niamh Briggs said:

“My mum is a nurse and regularly had to work on Christmas Day when I was growing up, so when I became a Garda it was something I was well used to. It’s not like a normal working day at work, we do have a bit of fun and generally the atmosphere is really nice but for me, Christmas is very much about being at home with family and the people I love, so we’ll definitely be having a replica Christmas dinner in the Briggs household once I have a day off!

“Almost everyone I know will be missing some family members this Christmas because they’re either working or have emigrated and I know that’s the experience all across Connacht and throughout the country. I’m delighted to be involved with this campaign with Aviva and would encourage as many people as possible to nominate their loved ones so they can be treated to a surprise early Christmas Day.”

To nominate your loved one to experience an early Christmas in their home with thanks to Aviva, visit: aviva.ie/becauseyoumakechristmas and enter their details before Friday, 25th November.

Worries at Christmas

Asked about their biggest sources of worry at Christmas, the research found that over a quarter (29%) of respondents living in Dublin are concerned about the possibility of their home being burgled. Those in the wider Leinster region are more worried about burglary than those in Munster (23% v 18%) while only 13% of respondents living in Connacht had such a concern.

To highlight this campaign, Aviva took to the streets to find out what is most important to the people of Ireland at Christmas.

Commenting on the findings, Sharon Treanor, Marketing Manager at Aviva, said:

“Christmas in Ireland is a really special time and it’s clear from our survey that home is exactly where most people want to be. In fact, 43% of people in Ireland said having some time in their own home is the most important thing to them during the festive season. For Aviva, a Happy Christmas is one where our customers have a safe and secure Christmas in their homes. That’s why we increase the value of our Home Insurance contents cover by 10% over the festive period. We would urge families to take extra care to protect their homes and families during this time of the year.”

Aviva Home Insurance is reminding people of top tips for protecting your home this Christmas:

1. Check your home insurance policy to make sure your Christmas gifts are covered in the unlucky event of a burglary.

2. Don’t leave Christmas gifts in plain sight of windows and potentially in view of burglars, keep them hidden away as long as possible.

3. Develop a safety-check routine ensuring all windows and doors are locked before going out.

4. Don’t leave car keys in plain sight of the front door or windows.

5. Even if your social media profiles are set to private, do not use them to announce that you will be away for the holidays as burglars could potentially be monitoring this.

6. Lock away any garden tools or ladders so that a burglar cannot use them to break into your house and use a heavy-duty padlock to lock your garden shed.

7. If there is a Neighbourhood Watch in your area, advise them if you’ll be away over the period, or alternatively inform a trusted neighbour.

8. When you go out shopping or socialising over the holidays, try and give the impression that someone is home by leaving a radio, TV or some lights on.