Roscommon Hospital Frank Feighan

Roscommon Hospital actively addressing parking difficulties – Frank Feighan

Roscommon Hospital Frank Feighan

Senator Frank Feighan has said that Roscommon Hospital is actively addressing the parking difficulties currently being experienced at the hospital.

Senator Feighan has been in ongoing discussions with the Roscommon hospital management about the issue.

“The current parking issues are predominately as a result of the on-going increase in attendances of patients for day case procedures, surgery, diagnostics and consultations. This is a certainly problem that many didn’t and couldn’t foresee five years ago.

“The main congestion occurs on week-days, from about 9am to 2pm each day, when there is a large percentage of patients attending the hospital,`when all services are fully operational and the majority of staff is on duty.

“Hospital management has informed me that it has had meetings with Roscommon County Council and An Garda Síochána regarding the issue which has included discussing the concerns of local residents. Hospital management has suggested to the council that double yellow lines be painted along the Ardsallagh Road to restrict parking in that area.


“The hospital has also expanded its security officer services in order to try to maximise parking usage on the campus. A security officer is now on duty from 7am to 2pm, Monday to Friday. By employing a security officer during busy periods, the hospital is now utilising 17 car parking spaces adjacent to the Urgent Care Centre hospital entrance for short term parking (maximum 2 hrs) and for set down/pick up. As a result, the hospital has informed me that there is now a much better turnover per car park spaces and it has ensured patients do not have to walk too far.

“The security officer is also there to provide direction and advice to patients/service users in relation to spaces available throughout the site. Additionally, the car-park adjacent to Hyde Park is a public car park and staff/visitors have been advised that cars can be parked there, thus ensuring that patients can get much better and nearer access to the hospital. This arrangement has been in place for more than two years now.

“From my discussions with hospital management, I know they are acutely aware of the limited parking currently available. They are doing everything possible to ensure that patients get priority and are allowed to park as close as possible to the hospital and avail of services. Thankfully too, Roscommon Hospital is still one of the few hospitals in the country that does not charge for car parking and I would encourage the management to ensure that it stays that way.”