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Dangers of Leaving Dogs in Hot Cars Highlighted by ŠKODA and Dogs Trust

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Ahead of the forecast heatwave ŠKODA Ireland have joined forces with Dogs Trust Ireland to highlight the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars during warm weather.

The initiative is part of ongoing work between ŠKODA and Dogs Trust, and reveals that even a few minutes in a hot car can prove fatal to a dog. The inside of a car can reach 47°c in just one hour on a 22°c day, while at 26°c outside it can reach 37°c inside a car in the space of just 10 minutes.

Precautions that can be taken to keep dogs safe and well on a hot day:

– Never leave your dog in a car in warm weather, even if it feels cool outside
– Don’t excessively walk or over-exercise your dog
– Avoid walking your dog at the hottest time of the day – often morning or later in the evenings can be cooler
– Always take plenty of water with you when out with your dog
– Make sure your dog has shade to cool off in, either inside or when out
– Take your dog to the groomers and keep their fur clipped
– Dogs can get sun burned, especially white dogs or those with little hair, so try and keep them out of direct sunlight and apply pet sunscreen when out and about
– Think twice about any car trips with your dog – avoid congested roads or busy times of day when they could overheat in the car if you are caught up in traffic.
– If driving with your dog, plan your journey considering cooler times of the day and places to take breaks. Make sure to have plenty of water for your dog.

Speaking about the issue, Suzie Carley PR and Communications Manager from Dogs Trust Ireland said:

“Dogs cool down very differently to us humans. We keep cool in the warm weather with an ice cream or cold drink, by relaxing in the shade and with the clothes we wear. Whereas, dogs sweat through their paws and pant to keep cool and they don’t get a choice of what to wear. When it comes to looking after dogs in warm weather, it’s always cool to be kind and our advice would be to never leave your dog in a parked car. As temperatures rise, even a few minutes can prove fatal for your dog, even if that car has its windows left open or has been left in the shade it is still not safe.”

If a dog displays symptoms including excessive panting; red gums and tongue; heavy salivation; vomiting or diarrhoea; lack of coordination; or loss of consciousness, the following steps should be taken to ensure their safety:

– Take the dog out of the sun immediately
– Cover the dog with a cool wet towel
– Get the dog to drink small amounts of cool water
– Seek veterinary advice immediately

Commenting on the campaign, Cathal Kealey, PR Manager at ŠKODA Ireland, said: “All too often we hear tragic stories of the consequences of dogs being left in cars during the summer months. This year we entered our fifth year of partnership with Dogs Trust and we felt strongly that we wanted to invest in a meaningful campaign to highlight this serious issue and hopefully prevent further tragedy. We hope that this video will go some way towards educating people about the dangers of this practice and stop it going forward.”

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