Dr Keith Swanick

Dr Keith Swanick “Console charity fiasco should not deter people from giving”

Dr Keith Swanick

Fianna Fáil Seanad Spokesperson on Health & Mental Health Dr. Keith Swanick is urging people not to let the recent crisis at Console discourage them from giving to other worthy causes.

Senator Swanick commented, “Irish people have long been cited as some of the most generous in the world but it is inevitable that a crisis such as the Console charity debacle would have an effect on their donations. Charity donations plummeted by up to 40% in the wake of the 2013 top-up payments controversy at CRC. As it so often stands, the actions of the few affect the many and other reputable organisations and charities can bear the brunt of the public’s anger”.

Senator Keith Swanick has highlighted the work of Médecins Sans Frontières, which established itself in Ireland over the past 10 years, and provides emergency medical care across the world to those in need of it most.

“MSF are the only medical humanitarian organisation in Ireland where the money goes directly to saving lives on the front line. This work is of such importance, people need to know that the donation they give is actually helping a person who desperately needs it, not funding the extravagant lifestyle some executive has become accustomed to”, he explained.

“From inundated refugee camps in Idomeni, Greece to village of Quetta on the volatile Pakistan – Afghan border, Irish medics are saving lives every day. The government needs to support these charities, and to do so it must first instil confidence in the sector so that the Irish people can give their donations and be assured they are going to the right place.

“Part 4 of the Charities Act, which gives the Charities Regulatory Authority statutory powers of investigation needs to be activated without delay”.