Darren King

Brideswell man Darren King battles for Mr World title

Darren King
Brideswell man Darren King will battle it out with 46 contestants for Mr World title in Southport, England, this evening.

Update: Darren missed out on a place in the Top 10.

Original Story

Darren was automatically entered into Mr World competition after winning the title of Mr Ireland earlier this year. A Forestry Management & Environmental Studies graduate Darren works with Penney’s in Athlone and is also a Part-Time Model.

So what does Darren King need to do to win the title?

Mr World is a 2 week competition designed to test the candidates in a variety of ways through a series of challenge events, interviews and a final stage show. These challenges test every aspect deemed necessary to be “The World’s Most Desirable Man.”

The five challenge or events are:
Fashion & Style;
the Extreme Challenge;
the Multi-Media Award;
the Sports Challenge &
the Talent Competition.
Each one of these Challenges has a winner, who takes his place in the Final Top Ten of the competition.

Five places remain for the other contestants, whose performances over the challenges, their behaviour during the competition as well as their interviews with the judges will determine who takes their place in the Top Ten.

The Winner is then selected by the panel of judges who weigh up the performances of each candidate before hearing from them on stage as to why they want to win Mr World, and what it would mean to them.

You can follow updates from Darren’s progress and the competition here