High Alert for Hayfever as Pollen Count soars across Ireland

Summer is in full swing, but for the one in five people who suffer from hayfever in Ireland it’s a time of puffy, red eyes, non-stop sneezing and plenty of tissues.

Almost 90% of hayfever sufferers in Ireland are allergic to grass pollen2, which can make it difficult to enjoy all that summer has to offer, especially now that the pollen count is high. But Boots Ireland is on hand to help keep symptoms under control and ensure the next couple of months are nothing but a walk in the park!

Hayfever symptoms can vary throughout the year but can be particularly debilitating on warm, dry and sunny days when the grass pollen count is high – if they’re not managed carefully. There are preventative methods and treatment solutions that will help to protect, treat and relieve hayfever symptoms during this pollen-filled season, and help you make the most out of your summer festivities.

Paula Reilly, Pharmacist, Boots Ireland said

“Hayfever affects each sufferer differently, but we’ve found that minimising exposure to allergens with some simple tricks can cut symptoms dramatically, especially when coupled with the variety of treatments available to protect, treat and relieve the effects of hayfever. It is important to speak to your pharmacist about treatment options that will work best for your particular symptoms and help you manage your hayfever effectively.”

Paula’s expert tips for dealing with hayfever include:
Be aware of the pollen count and on high pollen count days like today take steps to minimise your exposure
A barrier nasal spray can be effective to help relieve hayfever symptoms, as it creates a protective lining in the nostrils. Use it before you head out in the mornings for the day ahead
Barrier nasal sprays don’t contain any medicine, which is useful if you need to take a combination of hayfever products to control your symptoms. Check with your pharmacist if you are concerned about which hayfever relief products can be taken together
You could also try rubbing a small amount of petroleum jelly inside your nostril to stop pollen getting in
If you’re driving keep your windows up and switch your air to circulate
Wearing sunglasses may help relieve irritation caused by pollen getting into your eyes
Wear a mask if cutting the grass, and wear gloves and a wide-brimmed hat when gardening
Pollen particles can cling to hair and clothing during the day so it is a good idea to change your clothes and take a shower when you come in from being outdoors to remove any pollen from your body

Special offer from Boots

Boots Ireland currently offers a great value bundle of three hayfever products for just €15 so make sure you prepare yourself before hayfever hits by speaking to your local Boots pharmacist about the right solutions for you.

Boots Ireland Allergy Barrier Nasal Spray (€9.99) is a non-drowsy nasal powder spray that delivers fast, effective protection against hayfever and other airborne allergens. The spray forms a barrier and starts to work in just three minutes; meaning you don’t just treat the symptoms, you prevent them from happening. Suitable for adults including pregnant women and children over 18 months old.




Prepare for pollen with Cetriz allergy relief tablets (€10, 10mg, 30 day supply) to relieve symptoms such as sneezing, running nose, burning and itchy eyes throughout the season. (Contains Cetrizine Dihydrochloride. Always read the label).

Boots Pharmaceuticals Irritated Eyes Eye Drops (€4.99) are suitable for both adults and children to soothe itchy eyes. Contains natural chamomile, Euphrasy, cornflower and witch hazel extracts to help soothe red eyes and itchiness.