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Athlone Town FC Supporters Trust host open meeting

Athlone Town
The inaugural meeting of the Athlone Town Supporters’ Trust takes will be at the Shamrock Lodge, Athlone this Sunday, June 25th at 4pm.

In addition a group of concerned members of Athlone Town FC have just released a statement venting their frustration at delays by the current Committee delaying the release of a Statement of Affairs.

Further to a meeting 23 June where a vote of no confidence in the Committee of Athlone Town FC was unanimously passed, members present agreed to issue a statement and would like to make the following points:-

1. There is significant concern on the delay on the issuing of a statement of affairs despite a commitment from the committee same would issue following a public meeting at the stadium 25 May. This is simply unacceptable. We call upon the committee to confirm the basis on which the information is been withheld given the commitment noted to issue same.

2.Members have learned that Mr. Tony Connaughton made a detailed submission to the club 6 June requesting certain information and put forward proposals. We understand a deadline for reply was given to which no reply was received. Mr. Connaughton issued a final reminder on 7 June setting a deadline for a reply by 4pm 8 June and again no reply was forthcoming to same.

3. We now wish to call a public meeting and ask all who care about Athlone Town FC to attend such a public meeting. Members are calling this meeting due to concerns pertaining to the running of Athlone Town FC. We urge people to come together on this matter, those who have been hurt by the club in the past and those who have the club in their heart. We welcome all who care about football in Athlone and anyone who shares a vision on making the club great again. This is an open invitation issued to save our proud club.

Come on the Town !