Roscommon GMIT

Art by Roscommon students features in GMIT Exhibition

Roscommon GMIT

Student Artists from Roscommon are among those who feature in six separate public exhibitions hosted by GMIT at their Galway and Mayo campuses and in Galway city venues this summer.

“Embark”, by third year Art & Design students from GMIT’s Centre for the Creative Arts & Media (CCAM), is currently running in Galway city’s Print Works, Market Street – next to the Connacht Tribune buildings.

The exhibition showcases and celebrates the broad range of disciplines and creative output by the students and continues tomorrow Saturday May 28th from 11am to 6pm, and Sunday May 29th, from 11am to 3pm.

Describing her exhibits Aoife Duncan from Clonown, Athlone said “I explore basic hand building techniques to create small-scale sculptural ceramic objects. I primarily use porcelain, or porcelain paper clay and black iron oxide. Contemporary social constructions, old world mythical, magical and religious lore about materials, particularly the hierarchy of clay and the rarity of precious substances inform my work. I make visual and conceptual connections between belief, power, rarity and value, and also attempt to uncover connections between myth, magic, ritual, and religion.”

Readers can follow Aoife on instagram at @eaoif and read her thoughts on the current state of contemporary art and its educational institutions here.

Painter Meghan Colson, from Loughglynn, described the thoughts behind her work: “My oil paintings are about capturing the uncanny in the way we perceive ourselves through social media and even way back to days of old, our perception of ourselves in contrast to our fascination with kings, queens and other social structures.”

‘Aquatic Allure’ 2016 is collective the title of Hilary Lyons‘ exhibits. Hilary, from Ballymurray, says her work was inspired by the beach and the beautiful crustaceans that it contains “I focused mainly on Salthill beach in Galway and extracted my art work from the wonderful shells, seaweed, rocks, and any other matter I found interesting.” She added “I produced two Print collections and my finished wearable fashion Kimono, designed for Spring/ Summer 2016.”

Textiles Students Eleanore Curley and Lorraine Lennon are also exhibiting.

Dr Paddy Tobin, Head of GMIT’s Centre for the Creative Arts & Media (CCAM), says: “The work on display from GMIT students over the coming weeks represents the culmination of a year’s work, and reflects the highest levels of imagination, skill and dedication. The creativity and technical prowess being presented by our young people bodes very well for the future of the creative sector in Galway and the West.”

A further exhibition of GMIT student and graduate work from a range of creative disciplines will take place as part of the Galway Arts Festival in July. Details will be announced in the coming weeks.

Works by Architecture Students from Roscommon currently feature in the ‘Architectural Technology 2016 Student Exhibition’ which runs until June 10th.