Roscommon Mart

Roscommon Mart Reports April 19th and 20th

Roscommon Mart

There was a very big entry of excellent quality Weanlings on offer at Tuesday’s sale in Roscommon Mart and a larger entry of Sheep on offer at Wednesday’s sale compared to last week.

Wednesday April 20th – Weekly Sheep Sale at Roscommon Mart

There was a similar trade for Hoggets compared to last week, while there was an easier trade for Cast Ewes with lots more difficult to sell. There were better numbers of Spring Lambs on offer with lots fetching €85.50 over their weight. There was a big entry of Ewes with Lambs at foot. Ewe with two lambs at foot made up to €300 per unit while Ewes with single lambs at foot made up to €200 per unit.

Sample Sheep Prices

Spring Lambs:
40 kgs made €108,
41.10 kgs made €110,
44.90 kgs made €123,
49.50 kgs made €135,
45 kgs made €116.
48 kgs made €130,

Ewe Hoggets:
58 kgs made €130,
53.20 kgs made €120,
43.50 kgs made €80,
50 kgs made €100,

Mixed Hoggets: 47 kgs made €104.

Cast Ewes made from €55 to €110 per lot.

Ewes with Twin lambs at foot made up to €300 per unit.

Ewes with Single Lambs at foot made up to €200 per unit.

Sheep sales continue weekly on Wednesdays at 11am. Yard opens at 8:30am.
Sheep Scanning Service every Wednesday from 9 – 10am Sharp.
Show & Sale of Lambs (in conjunction with Roscommon Lamb Festival) on Wednesday April 27th. See and adverts for details.

Tuesday’s weekly Weanling Sale at Roscommon Mart

There was a lively trade for Weanling Heifers with prices ranging from €2.56 up to €3.28 per kilo. There was also a brisk trade for Bull Weanlings with prices averaging from €2.49 per kilo up to €3.34 per kilo. There was good attendance of both exporters and farmers resulting in a high clearance of lots. There was a good demand for the Special entry of Cows and calves on offer with prices ranging from €1,550 to €2,300. Springers averaged from €1,200 up to €1,600.

Weanling Heifers made from €455 to €825 over

Sample Weanling Heifer Prices

Lim X 425 kgs €1250,
BB 440 kgs €1160,
Char X 405 kgs €1145,
BBX 365 kgs €1140,
BBX 350 kgs €1060,
Char X 335 kgs €1010,
2 Char X 350 kgs €1025,
BBX 340 kgs €1000,
3 Lim X 358 kgs €990,
AAX 375 kgs €930,
Simm X 360 kgs €950,
Char X 310 kgs €895,
BBX 290 kgs €920,

Sample Weanling Bull Prices

Weanling Bulls made from €405 to €805 over
Lim X 455 kgs €1255,
Char X 435 kgs €1165,
Lim X 420 kgs €1225,
Char X 340 kgs €1110,
BBX 360 kgs €1100
Char X 325 kgs €1085,
Lim X 360 ks €1050,
2 Char X 352 kgs €1005,
Char X 345 kgs €1000,
Char 350 kgs €950,
Lim X 330 kgs €940,

Cows and calves at foot made from €1,550 to €2,300.

Springers made from €1,200 to €1,600.

Usual Weanling and Cow Sale next Tuesday April 26th. There is a Special Entry of 11 Excellent Quality Cows with strong calves at foot and running with a Charolais Bull. Also a Pedigree Charolais Bull born December 2011. Photos available on the Roscommon Mart Website and Facebook Page.