Michael Fitzmaurice

Elphin Mart Price Report April 11th Sale

Michael Fitzmaurice
There was a full clearance clearance of Dry Cows and a high clearance of Sheep at yesterday’s sale in Elphin Mart.
Dry Cows

There was a 100% clearance of Dry Cows with average price of €1,150 and prices ranging from €715 up to €1,415 for a Charolais Cow weighing 775kg.

Cows with calves at foot

There were 20 cows with calves at foot and 3 In-Calf cows on sale with average price of €1,580 and top price of €2,300 for a Pure Bred Limousin Cow with a bull calf at foot. A Simmental Cow with a heifer calf at foot, scanned in-calf, sold for €2,060.

76% clearance of Weanlings

There was a higher number of lighter weanlings with average price for Weanlings up to 300 kg was €595 with a maximum price of €790 for 290kg Limousin. Weanlings from 301kg to 400kg average €878 with a maximum price of €1,040 achieved for 2 Charolais Weanling weighing 377kg.
Weanlings from 401kg to 500kg average €980 with a maximum price of €1,055 achieved for a 435kg Charolais Weanling.


There was a 94% clearance of lambs with an average price of €118. Lambs weighing 58Kg made €135, Lambs weighing 46.5Kg made €128, Lambs weighing 41.5kg made €120.
Culled ewes ranged from €53 to €131 and a small number of Breeding Ewes on sale made from €136 to €263.

The next sale at Elphin Mart is Wednesday’s Special out to grass Sale of Heifers at 11:30am.