Roscommon Arts Centre

“Madame De Markievicz On Trial” at Roscommon Arts Centre

Roscommon Arts Centre

“Madame De Markievicz On Trial” comes to Roscommon Arts Centre on Tuesday next, April 12th.

The drama is centred around Constance Markievicz depicting an event in Dublin at Easter in 1916 when a policeman was fatally shot. It is set in a courtroom and a prison cell during the autumn of 1917, and the dialogue is largely based on the actual extensive speeches made by Markievicz during this time.

The play has a cast of 6 actors, Barbara Dempsey as Madame de Markievicz and Neill Fleming as the Prosecutor. Apart from the prosecutor, all the characters are based on actual people and each one is impressive in their strength of character. William May, the prosecutor and sole fictional character in the drama, is the Devil’s Advocate. He trawls through all aspects of Madame’s life and times, from her birth to 1917, to challenge the misinformation created by post-1916 heresay. Completing the cast are Amy O’Dwyer, Andrea Kelly, Siofra O’Meara and Ian Meehan.

The testimonies of the witnesses, including Dr Kathleen Lynn, Helena Molony, Margaret Skinnider, Geraldine Fitzgerald and William O’Brien of the ITGWU, are interwoven to show that Constance de Markievicz was a normal multi-dimensional woman in contrast to the usual one-dimensional icon frequently presented. The audience will be the ultimate judge, because the conclusion of this remarkable production enables the audience to decide the final verdict, innocent or guilty. MADAME de MARKIEVICZ ON TRIAL is written by Ann Matthews and directed by Anthony Fox and takes to the Roscommon Arts Centre stage on April 12th at 8pm.

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