Roscommon Mart

Roscommon Mart Price Reports March 22nd and 23rd

Roscommon Mart

There were smaller numbers on offer at Roscommon Mart at Tuesday’s Weanling Sale and Wednesday’s Sheep Sale but trade remained steady.

Wednesday March 23rd – Weekly Sheep Sale at Roscommon Mart

There was a full clearance of Cast Ewes and better numbers of Ewes with lambs were presented for sale.
A small number of spring lambs were on offer with lots fetching up to €140. There was a similar trade for Hoggets compared to previous weeks.

Sample Sheep Prices

Spring Lambs: 65 kgs made €140, 48kgs made €140, 52 kgs made €140, 44kgs made €135.
Ewe Hoggets: 53.6kgs made €132,
Mixed Hoggets: 48.8 kgs €134,
Hogget Rams :41.7kgs made €100. 53kgs made €133,
Wether Hoggets: 57.30 kgs made €134, 54.1kgs made €133
Cast Ewes made from €46 to €146.50 per lot
Ewe with Three lambs at foot made €265
Ewes with Twin lambs at foot made up to €275 per unit
Ewes with Single Lambs at foot made up to €200.

Sheep sales continue weekly on Wednesdays at 11am. Yard opens at 8:30am. Sheep Scanning Service every Wednesday from 9-10am. Sharp

Tuesday’s weekly Weanling Sale at Roscommon Mart

There was a small entry of Weanlings on offer this week. There was an excellent trade for Weanlings with a very high clearance of lots. Prices for Heifers ranged from €2.28 per kilo up to €3.08 per kilo. Prices for Bulls ranged from €2.04 per kilo up to €3.20 per kilo.
A special Sale of Weanlings will be held next Tuesday, March 29th, at 5pm. Bookings accepted up to 5pm. today (Thursday March 24th).

Sample Weanling Heifer Prices

Weanling Heifers made from €300 to €725 over
Char X 475kgs made €1200,
Lim X 430kgs made €1070,
Char X 390kgs made €965,
Lm X 350kgs made €930,
Lim X 325kgs made €960,
2 AA X 322.5kgs made €800,
Lm X 285kgs made €880,
Si X 285kgs made €720 .

Sample Weanling Bull Prices

Weanling Bulls made from €360 to €615 over
Lim X 510 kgs made €1,100,
Char X 470 kgs made €1085,
Char X 340 kgs made €950,
Char X 305 kgs made €835,
Char X 285 kgs made €765.
Char X 280 kgs made €815,
Lim X 250 kgs made €800.

To view live streams of sales at Roscommon Mart click here