Maura Hopkins

Cllr Maura Hopkins welcomes adaptation grants for elderly

Maura Hopkins

Cllr Maura Hopkins has welcomed the €945,193 allocated to elderly and disabled people in Roscommon for house adaptations and extensions.

The announcement was made this week by the current Minister for the Environment and will allow extensions and house adaptations to be built for people with disabilities or mobility problems, such as stair lifts and access ramps as well as full housing extensions.

Hopkins said that this significant sum will have a hugely positive affect in many people’s lives across the county, who will feel more secure in their own homes and older people as well as those with disabilities will have a better standard of living as well as enhanced safety at home.

“I really welcome the funding of over €900,000 for Roscommon-from travelling around the county and the wider region it is clear that changes within family homes can make a huge difference for people who have mobility problems, whether through long-term disability, a recent accident or old age. We need to commit to prioritising independent living for people and allowing them to live in their own homes with dignity and security for as long as possible.

“Over €56 million was allocated nationwide and I am glad to see that we in Roscommon are receiving our fair share of the funding from the Government, which is made up of 80% exchequer monies and 20% from local authorities.

“The funding represents an annual increase of €5.75 million for this scheme, and with a recovering economy, I am hopeful that important community schemes such as this will see increases across the board-I will be working hard on the Council and with Fine Gael colleagues to lobby for these improvements. It is also positive that that the money has been allocated early in the year to maximise results and help those vulnerable to falls and immobility.

Grants of up to €30,000 are available for an adaptation, up to €8,000 for housing aid for older people and up to €6,000 for mobility aids.