Michael Fitzmaurice

Elphin Mart Sale Report from March 14th

Michael Fitzmaurice
There was a full clearance of Dry Cows at Monday’s sale in Elphin Mart
Full clearance of Dry Cows

Dry Cows sold for an average price of €1,176 – up from last week’s average of €1,129. Prices ranging from €760 up to €1,500 for a Charolais Cow weighing 855kg.

In-calf Heifers

There was a smaller entry of In-Calf Heifers with average price of €1,260 achieved – down from last week’s average of €1,400. The day’s top price of €1,510, was for a Belgian Blue Heifer.

86% Clearance of Weanlings

There was a better trade for Weanlings and the average price for Weanlings weighing up to 300kg was €711 with a maximum price of €900 for a 270kg Aberdeen Angus. Weanlings weighing from 301kg to 400kg averaged €1,022 with a maximum price of €1,115 achieved for a 385kg Charolais Weanling. Weanlings weighing from 401kg to 500kg average €1,128 with a maximum price of €1,200 achieved for a 470kg Charolais Weanling.


There was a 78% clearance of lambs with an average price of €114. Lambs weighing 53Kg made €129.50, Lambs weighing 45.5Kg made €120 and Lambs weighing 43.5kg made €106. Culled ewes ranged from €50 to €130 and small number of Breeding Ewes made €144 to €210.