Michael Fitzmaurice

Castlerea Mart Report March 11th

Michael Fitzmaurice

There were 800 cattle on offer at Castlerea Mart yesterday with staff noting an improved trade while there was also strong demand in the heifer and weanling classes.

There was also increased numbers of calves presented for sale, with prices remaining steady.
Sample prices were as follows:

A 490kgs Limousin made €1,310. A 510kgs Charolais made €1330. A 540kgs Charolais made €1395. A 550kgs Charolais made €1,390, a 590kgs Limousin made €1,420 and a 605kgs Charolais €1,420.

A 380kgs Limousin made €1,050. A 410kgs Aberdeen Angus X made €1,190. A 470kgs Belgium Blue made €1,265.
A 490kgs Charolais made €1,360. A 550kgs Charolais made €1,340 and a 625kgs Charolais X made €1,500.

Dry Cows
525kgs Charolais made €1,170. 690kgs Friesian made €930. 700kg Limousin made €1,275. 715kgs Belgium Blue X made €1,400 and 835kgs Limousin made €1,390.

Cows with calves at foot made form €900 to €2,040 for a Aberdeen Angus Cow and her Limousin Bull Calf at foot.

Springers made form €1,120 to €1,600 per head.

There was a variance in price depending on quality. Dairy type lots made from €30 – €160. Hereford and Angus made from €220 – €350 with continental types making up to €450.

Weanling Bulls
255kgs Charolais made €860. 260kgs Aberdeen Angus X made €845. 265kgs Charolais made €850.
330kgs Limousin made €1,005 and 385kgs Charolais made €1,190.

Weanling Heifers
270kgs Belgium Blue X made €930. 270kgs Charolais made €915. 310kgs Limousin X made €1,110.
310kgs Limousin made €970 and 375kgs Charolais made €1,135.

The next Sales at Castlerea Mart are the Bullock sale on Monday March 21st and a sale of Heifers, Cows, Calves and Weanlings on Thursday March 24th March. All Sales commence at 11am.