Naughten seeks further funding for education

In his latest Campaign Message Denis Naughten seeks further funding for education and in doing so identifies a number of areas and inefficiencies which can be improved upon

Every child should leave primary school able to read & write yet at present 1 in 10 can’t.
“Our children will be asked to pay for the €120,000m debt that was created. But why should they have to pay on the double through the cuts made during the recession? Education needs more funding,” stated Denis Naughten.

“We need to reduce class sizes, particularly at younger ages; we need to support those who are being left behind or who have a disability; but we also need to STOP the WASTE.

“Last year schools re-employed 252 retired teachers while our own younger teachers went abroad. Just some of the areas where we can stop the waste include stop spending €1.5m a year issuing paper pay slips to teachers and each year the Department of Social Protection identifies €75m in savings on child benefit because children don’t exist or are no longer here in Ireland,” added Denis Naughten.