Naughten vows to continue to stand with the people

Vows to continue to stand with the people

Denis Naughten speaking at his general election launch in The Bridge House, Athleague. Picture: Andrew Fox

The need for job creation and improved health services in the Roscommon-Galway constituency were to the fore when Denis Naughten launched his election campaign in the Bridge House in Athleague last weekend, where he vowed to continue to fight for the people of the constituency.

Speaking in the Bridge House on Saturday night last Denis Naughten told the crowd: “One thing that is coming up on the canvass is that the people of Roscommon and Galway want someone to fight for them by using the facts and putting the arguments forward. I did that in relation to Roscommon Hospital but I also did it when maternity services were being run down in Portiuncula Hospital and again six months ago in relation to services at the Sacred Heart Hospital and as a result of that we secured €9m investment this week for that facility to secure its future.

“We have to continue the fight to ensure we have health services across this country that we can be proud of. We have also had to fight to save County Roscommon and 24,000 people have said ‘no’. They have said there will be no surrender. I want to send a clear message from this room tonight that Westmeath will not get a single inch of Roscommon if I have anything to do with it.”

He added: “Athleague is on a crossroads in the constituency and is a village where the community came together over the last few weeks to battle the flood waters. The people stood side by side and kept the water out of this village, we need to see that community spirit replicated throughout this country and this constituency.

“We need to use that co-operation to make things better, to develop services and for job creation in this constituency. We have huge potential for tourism and by working together we can develop and promote that and bring tourists and jobs into this community. The jobs that are being created in Dublin need to come West to Roscommon and to Galway. We need to promote and support our own employers. We need to invest in local employers employing local people.

“We are at the heart of a constituency that has its economy based in agriculture yet farmers are not being given the freedom to farm. In agriculture the filing cabinet is more important than what goes on in the field. We can’t continue to stand over a situation where farmers in Roscommon and Galway are seven times more likely to get a farm penalty than some farmers in adjoining counties. There is something fundamentally wrong with the system that is there today.”

Thanking the large crowd for attending Denis Naughten added: “I would ask you to stand with me so we can ensure the people of Roscommon and the people of Galway are the kingmakers after the next election so we get what we rightly deserve.”

L Fallon
Cllr Lawrence Fallon pictured speaking at Denis Naughten’s general election launch in The Bridge House, Athleague. Picture: Andrew Fox

Cllr. Laurence Fallon, Director of Elections for Denis Naughten, welcomed the large crowd to Athleague describing this election campaign as “a new situation where we have no political machine behind us”.

Referring to Denis Naughten, Cllr Fallon said: “He has honesty, integrity and he stands with the people; that is worth more than any party political machine. He is an excellent candidate who will deliver for the people and who will deliver what he promises. He will continue to fight with honesty and integrity and will continue to stand with the people. He has tremendous energy and that is reflected in the amount of work he does. “

Cllr. Fallon added: “There are no safe bets in an election. This is a new situation in a new constituency and it is not certain what the outcome will be. We need your support and we need Denis Naughten in the next Dáil.”

Welcoming those who attended, Cllr. Domnick Connolly urged everyone to get involved in the campaign which he said was receiving a “tremendous response”. He spoke of the personal sacrifices made by Denis Naughten and praised him for keeping his promises to the people of the constituency.

Cllr. John Naughten spoke of the need to elect Denis Naughten to ensure “there is a strong voice in the Dáil for this constituency” adding: “We need a strong experienced voice to stand up and fight on the issues in this constituency such as the Save Roscommon campaign, health issues and agriculture – and Denis has the experience.”

East Galway County Councillor Timmy Broderick spoke of the response to Denis Naughten in Co. Galway pointing out “Denis Naughten does what it says on the tin – he keeps his promises”. He added: “Denis Naughten stood by the people of Roscommon and I am confident he will stand by the people of Galway.”