High demand for Dry Cows continues at Elphin Mart

The high demand for Dry Cows continued at Elphin Mart yesterday with a 100% clearance for the third sale in a row.

The average price achieved for Dry Cows was €1,157 and overall prices ranged from €785 to €1,610 for a Charolais Cow weighing 875kg.

88% clearance of Weanlings

There was a fair trade reflected in the average prices achieved.
Weanlings under 300kg sold for an average of €6962 with a maximum price of €840 for a 300kg Charolais.
Weanlings from 301kg to 400kg averaged €782 with a maximum price of €855 achieved for a 380kg Limousin
Weanlings from 401kg to 500kg averaged €925 with a maximum price of €1,000 for a 430kg Limousin.

Sheep numbers were smaller

Although there was with a 95% clearance and Lambs weighing 54.5Kg made €130, Lambs weighing 45Kg made €113 and weighing Lambs 42kg made €110.50.
Culled ewes ranged from €100 to €141 and small number of Breeding Ewes made €100 to 138.