The price of a House in Roscommon has risen by 8.6%

The Average Price of a House in Roscommon is now €107,929

and that’s one of the least expensive in the country, according to today’s report from A breakdown of the figures in the report shows that:
The average price of a 1 Bedroom Apartment is €35,000, a 2 Bed Terrace House in Roscommon will set you back €41,000, a 3 Bed Semi-Detached House in Roscommon will cost €61,000 while the average for a 4 Bedroom Bungalow is €130,000 and a 5 Bedroom Bungalow is, on average, €154,000.

Overall prices have increased by 8.6% since December 2014, which is roughly in line with the national average of 8.5% The only counties with lower house prices than Roscommon are Leitrim; with an average price of €104,256 and Longford, where average price is €98,058.Among the other interesting points in the report were that

Half of all properties sell within four months

Just under half (47%) of all properties in the Connacht-Ulster Region find a buyer within four months

Prices now above ask

The average transaction price in Connacht-Ulster is now 0.9% above the original list price, compared to 1.3% below a year ago.

Supply falling

For 2015 as a whole, there were an average of 8,000 properties on the market at any one time, compared
to almost 10,000 during 2014.

Galway and Cavan increases

While prices are higher now than a year ago everywhere in the Connacht-Ulster Region, the largest percentage increases are in Galway city (20%) and Cavan (18%).